Project Module: Service and Technology Marketing


Master Project Module – Summer Term 10 CP Teaching Assistant:  Moritz Jörling



Content Description

This course focuses on the transfer of theoretical concepts on practice related questions in the context of services and technology marketing based on scientific studies. The students will work in groups and conduct empirical research studies in cooperation with a company.

Course Objectives

Students are asked to design, conduct and analyze empirical studies. They will apply basic/theoretical knowledge about empirical research methods in the context of services and technology marketing to real-world cases. This seminar is designed to advance the methodological competence of the students, enable them to reach complex marketing-decision and transfer theoretical knowledge to business relevant topics.


Recommendation: Courses „Quantitative Marketing“ and/or „Qualitative Research Methods“.


Further information on this course can be obtained on CAMPUS or by contacting  Moritz Jörling