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It is now the third time that we ran this survey for creating a market overview of open innovation intermediaries. The last two editions were a great success. Our report “The Market of Open Innovation” found a wide, international spread among innovation intermediaries, researchers and across practitioners from different industries. It has often been the start of new collaboration projects.

”Diener Piller 's study captures the current situation and developing trends in the emerging market of open innovation accelerators, which is no small feat for such a young and dynamic field. The “OIA Survey” provides unique data that will help us expand and grow our business as well as prove to customers what we already know through experience: open innovation is an emerging force that is irreversibly changing the market and the way we do business.” (OIA, 2013)

Furthermore, the previous studies formed the basis for multiple publications on large conferences in business and economics, in scientific and practitioners’ journals, web pages and blogs. The previous reports are now available on researchgate – feel free to read and share:

OIA 2010

OIA 2013

We are motivated to take up the great success with a new and upgraded version of the survey. Based on previous feedback and comments, we improved the survey structure and question format. New answers shall help us to sketch an even more elaborate landscape of open innovation intermediaries.
Feedback from industry on the study showed the positive effect of a differentiated picture regarding an intermediary's business.

“Before I read the study I thought all of these intermediaries are similar and I didn’t know how to choose from them. Now I realized how different and specialized they are.” (Manager, Automotive)