Managing the Innovation Process: InClass oder Online Format


This lecture follows the various activities along the stages of the innovation process on the level of an innovation project. It provides participants with a decision structure along these stages, following the “Big Picture” of innovation management (see Figure below). The main part of the lecture provides an introduction into methods of gathering need information and creative problem solving. We place a special emphasis on evaluation methods for idea screening and concept selection. The class will end by looking into the final stages of an innovation project (market launch) and the evaluation of project performance. In participant presentations, we will learn about examples from industry and about new developments and discuss how they change the textbook knowledge. We will contrast our current understanding of the innovation process, as taught in this class, with upcoming conceptions of innovation, like Design Thinking, SCRUM, or agile iterative development.


Participants shall …
• understand different process structures of an innovation project, their contingencies, and central activities along the phases of the innovation process;
• know sources for customer need information and different approaches of market research and customer co-creation;
• know different methods supporting technical problem solving to generate solution information, including creativity techniques.
• experience the importance of soft skills and leadership capabilities for managing innovation successfully;  know core theoretical work explaining success factors on the level of an innovation project and get insight into recent empirical research on these factors;
• be able to connect theories of innovation and models explaining innovation success with actionable knowledge for industry practice;
• develop the ability to critically reflect common perceptions about innovation management and gain their own understanding of the factors making an innovation project successful.


• Solid command of English
• This class demands the continuous participation in the class discussions and the preparation of the video lectures, case materials, and paper assignments before each session. Preparation for each session is approx. 3-4 hours.

Weitere Informationen

30 participants (max). Erasmus and exchange students on the master level are invited to register to the class via the International Office of the School of Business and Economics.