Technology Adoption as key success factor A comprehensive overview of event study based research on the technology-performance link

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Through continuous innovation and improvements companies seek to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Studies show that there is a clear link between the performance and the companies’ innovativeness Amongst other methodologies event studies, which have their roots in finance research, have been widely used to show the technology – performance link. Especially Enterprise systems such as ERP and CRM have been in focus, but also new processes and methodologies like TQM and Six Sigma were investigated. Goal of this thesis is to give an comprehensive overview on the use of event studies in investigating the technology/innovation performance link and summarizing major findings. Based on the overview existing avenues for further research such as technology clusters currently not researched, information sourced scarcely used or theoretical constructs not covered, should be derived.

Keywords: Event Study, Literature Review; Research Agenda; Process Technology; Innovation; Technology-adoption