How to buy „cool“ – successful Acquisition of Start-ups by established Companies

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Bachelor; Master


Today, established companies face technologically turbulent market environments, which are characterized by shortening innovation cycles and especially fast technological progress. Since established companies often lack own resources and capabilities to cope with these new challenges, they enforce corporate venturing activities – among others this can be seen in an increasing number of start-ups acquisitions. However, established companies are uncertain how to select and integrate start-ups in order to use them as a driver for innovation, which simultaneously represents the core issue of this work. Questions that arise, are for exemple: Which start-up characteristics shoulb be considered to ensure that the innovative performance of the acquiring company is improved? What should be the degree of internal and external relatedness? Which degree of freedom should start-ups have during the integration? Which knowledge exchange mechanisms should be applied? What are necessary prerequisites of the buyer? The basis for this thesis should be the existing academic literature in the fields of "Mergers & Acquisitions", "corporate entrepreneurship" and "Innovation" to identify and develop classifications, categorizations and approaches to answer the questions. The work is created in close collaboration with a research associate. Prerequisites are a high motivation and commitment as well as an affinity for the topic.

Keywords: Start-up, Mergers & Acquisitions; Corporate Venturing; Corporate Entrepreneurship; Innovative Performance; Ambidexterity