Aktuelles Thema: Managing a Tech-Company in a Globalized World


Master - Wintersemester - 10 CP - Ansprechpartner: Alexander Kies


The course combines theoretical concepts of strategic management and marketing with a practical application within a simulation game. Groups of students start a new company or a marketing division that enters the microcomputer business. They serve as the company’s or division's executive team. They analyze market research data, form an overall business strategy and then make a set of strategic and tactical decisions with the goal to become profitable and to be the best competitor in the industry. The market they serve is competitive and fast-paced, the customers are demanding and the competition is working hard to increase their market share.

Qualification Objectives

The course aims at teaching theoretical concepts and instruments of strategic management (e.g. SWOT analysis, competitive mapping, or portfolio analysis). Additionally, the simulation game should provide the transfer of these fundamentals into a practical application. Students will be given the opportunity to utilize their skills within an interactive, competitive environment. Moreover, students have to develop distinct social skills, as they have to decide future steps as a team.