Aktuelles Thema: Sensory Marketing


Master – Winter Term – 5 CP – Teaching Assistant: Moritz Jörling



Content description

Sensory Marketing is emerging as a powerful tool for companies to influence customer experiences and purchase behaviors. Sensory marketing refers to marketing activities appealing to our senses (of visual, auditory/hearing, haptics/touch, olfactory/smelling, and gustatory/tasting). An interesting aspect of sensory marketing is that it influences customer behavior subliminally with customers often being unconscious about its influence. For example, Singapore Airlines uses a signature scent in its cabin that has a relaxing effect on its passengers without passengers being consciously aware of it. One of the largest restaurant chain, headquartered in the US, recently conducted an experiment where they found that changing the dimness/brightness of the ambient light in the restaurant changed what types of foods customers ordered. A major grocery store in Sweden found that changing the ambient music changed the types of items bought at the store. Mercedes, BMW, and Audi spent significant amounts of money to determine the optimal sound made by their car doors when they are shut. As all these examples highlight, sensory marketing can be a powerful and important strategic tool for companies.

Along with influencing customers, sensory marketing is also becoming an important source of competitive advantage and competitive differentiation. Hence, companies are heavily investing in sensory marketing strategies.

Course objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to get key insights into the topic domain of sensory marketing. Students should gain basic understanding of how sensory marketing might influence consumer behavior and how companies use principles of sensory marketing as a marketing tool and as a source of competitive advantage. Students will also have insights into the role of sensory marketing in influencing atmospherics and even eating behaviors.







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