Aktuelles Thema: Global and Intercultural Marketing


Master – Summer Term – 5 CP – Teaching Assistant: Alexander Kies



Content description

This course will equip students with the tools and terminology to explore and understand marketing practices in a global environment. Furthermore, students get to know intercultural challenges and they learn how to acquire intercultural competences during the course. Putting yourself as an international marketing manager, you will learn the scope and challenge of global marketing, the dynamic environment of international trade, the culture, political, legal, and business systems of global markets, the global market opportunities and finally, the ways to develop global marketing strategies. Students will also learn to develop a formal analytic framework of decision-making based on recent developments in the field of Global Marketing through the group project and case studies. This course is designed to provide students with the latest understanding of global issues, disciplines, competitions and the necessary skills in making strategic decisions based on a global perspective.

Learning Objectives

  • To acquire the basic knowledge, concepts, tools, and international terminology necessary to understand global and intercultural problems and issues
  • To understand how companies adjust their international strategies based on the global environmental changes (e.g., globalization)
  • To build skills and respect toward the understanding of cultures of nations by critically analyzing the social, political, legal, and economic forces that affect the business performance of international marketing as well as the intercultural challenges
  • To develop managerial reading skills with a goal of acquiring the ability to understand and synthesize readings and business cases presented in a class

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