World Congress on Mass Customization, Personalization and Co-Creation (MCPC) 2014

Februar 4th -7th, 2014

Twenty years ago Mass Customization was acknowledged as the ”New Frontier in Business Competition”. Ever since, industry has been applying the concept and researchers have developed the topic into a well-established research area and businesses have formed new strategies. More knowledge, methods and technologies are available now than ever before. Along with general Mass Customization topics, this conference addresses Mass Customization from a historical perspective, looking at both mass customization in the past 20 years and towards the new frontiers in the 20 years to come.

In 2014, the conference will be held in Denmark and hosted by the Mass Customization Research Group at Aalborg University.

The MCPC 2014 is a multi‐track conference featuring a combination of high profile keynotes with expert talks, panel discussions, paper sessions, workshops, receptions, and much more. While it is devoted to sharing and discussing the latest research in the field, the MCPC has a strong focus on real life applications. Since its beginning, there is an equal share of participants, practitioners and academics/researchers. This makes the MCPC truly unique among many conferences. It really strives to connect MCPC thought leaders, entrepreneurs, technology developers, and researchers with people applying these strategies in practice. 

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