"Present and Negotiate" this summer semester

Monday, September 21, 2015, 12:00am


The presentation part of the course deals with the creation and delivery of effective presentations. The subsequent negotiation part will focus on explaining the basics of both distributive (hard negotiation) and integrative (soft negotiation) negotiation strategies. Lecture and exercise modules will be held successively in order to ensure a seamless application of theoretical knowledge within a realistic presentation and negotiation simulation. One presentation session will be recorded on video and, if desired, individually analyzed in order to increase training impact.


Participants know relevant presentation methods and negotiation strategies. They are able to create presentations in accordance with common business standards and partake in negotiations confidently.


The number of participants is limited. Registration details can be accessed via CAMPUS.

Further Information

Further information on this course can be accessed via CAMPUS.

The registration start 01/03/2016 and ends 30/03/2016
If you have questions or need further assistance, contact:  puv@win.rwth-aachen.de .

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