Heiko Holz goes QUIS16

  Heiko Holz at QUIS16

This June Heiko Holz, research associate at the Department for Service and Technology Marketing, was accepted for presentation at the QUIS16 – Quality in Service Conference that was held at the CTF Research Center at the University of Karlstad, Sweden.

Established scholars and young researchers from all over the world spend the week in Karlstad to present their research to their fellow colleagues, to network and to talk about the important questions and emerging trends in the field of service research.

Heiko presented a paper from his doctoral dissertation that he wrote with his supervisor Prof. Dr. Stefanie Paluch. It deals with intra-organizational prerequisites of a successful implementation of customer experience management in companies.

It was a very engaging and inspiring week for Heiko and his fellow young researchers as they were able to learn from the founders of the field of service research.