New Publication: Service Robots: Drivers of Perceived Responsibility for Service Outcomes

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Due to networking, availability of data and sensor technology, many products are nowadays able to act largely autonomously and thus provide services for humans (so-called service robots). However, who actually feels responsible if an autonomous car crashes or the lawn in front of the door is mowed without any human activity? Moritz Jörling, Robert Böhm (University of Copenhagen) and Stefanie Paluch have investigated these questions in their research project on service robots. The researchers find that people see themselves as more responsible for negative events than for positive events. However, this responsibility decreases when people only use a service robot but do not own it. In addition, users feel more responsible for a positive event if the user had the possibility to intervene in the autonomous processes of the service robot. This research has been published now in the Journal of Service Research (Vol 22, Issue 4, 2019).