Innovation in the Digital Age: From Stage-Gate to an Agile Development Paradigm? ("Call for Papers")


The Special Issue (SI) on “Innovation in the Digital Age: From Stage-Gate to an Agile Development Paradigm?” explores whether traditional product development models such as Stage-Gate® are still fit for purpose in today’s digital age or whether they are set to be widely replaced by agile approaches even in more traditional contests.

Given the practical and scholarly relevance of this question, we call for a holistic and rigorous assessment of this possible paradigm change in innovation management. Opportunities to elucidate the debate and contribute to this SI are manifold and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Conceptual foundations
  • Empirical evidence
  • Implementation challenges

More information on the particular issues you find here.

We welcome conceptual as well as empirical submissions either adopting a comparative approach or focusing on the inquiry of agile development concepts. We also value theoretical and methodological pluralism and are open to qualitative, experimental, econometric as well as text and data mining methods.

Inquiries should be sent by email to the coordinating JBR Guest Co-Editor Prof. Stefanie Paluch ().