Adam J. Mills, PhD, Assistant Professor of Marketing (Loyola University New Orleans) to serve as a Guest Professor at the Chair for Service and Technology Marketing

  Adam J. Mills

The Chair for Service and Technology Marketing of the TIME Research Area headed by Prof. Dr. Stefanie Paluch is pleased to welcome a special guest from the United States these days. Adam J. Mills, PhD works as an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Loyola University New Orleans College of Business faculty. He was awarded his PhD from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2016. His research interests include Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy, Brand Delivery in B2C Service Experiences and Customer Experience Engineering. Before pursuing his academic career, Prof. Mills worked a decade in corporate-level marketing and operations management. In accordance to his research interests, Prof. Mills offers a one-week-seminar on “Engineering the Brand Experience” to RWTH Aachen master students this week. In this course, he will combine theory impartation and business case study work to illustrate the characteristic features of brand perception to the students.