Summer AMA 2018


The Service and Technology Marketing Group is excited to be part of this year's Summer AMA 2018 with three conference contributions. The conference is located in Boston from August 10th to August 12th and deals with the topic "Big Ideas and New Methods in Marketing". The following contributions were accepted at the conference and will be presented by the STM-Team:

Title: "Success factors for the market launch of data-driven services for manufacturing companies: An empirical investigation"

Authors: Marco Husmann, Stefanie Paluch & Achim Kampker

Title: "Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in the Configuration Service of High-Involvement-Products - Qualitative Examinations of the Vehicle Configuration Process"

Authors: Stefanie Paluch & Kathrin Hagenbucher

Title: "Mobile Shopping Applications on the Rise – Empirical Insights of Customers’ Interaction with a Retailer’s App"

Authors: David Egbert & Stefanie Paluch