Participation at the GSERM seminar

  Moritz Jörling and Alexander Kies at GSERM Copyright: © Alexander Kies

For the last couple of weeks our employees Moritz Jörling and Alexander Kies from the chair of Service and Technology Marketing attended the GSERM Global School in Empirical Research Methods at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

The high-calibre integrated program teaches research methodology mainly geared towards PhD students or post-docs. These courses were taught by world-class faculty, such as Andrew Hayes or Gerald Häubl. With a great deal of Insights regarding Machine Learning, Bayesian Data Analysis or Experimental Methods for Behavioral Science Moritz and Alex can implement these new techniques into their research.

Besides the introduction and training of new empirical research methods, the GSERM organizing team set up welcome dinners, sports events or trips to nearby cities to facilitate networking and exchange between participants.

We would like to thank GSERM for the great organization and lectures!