New MME TIME master programme offered in a blended learning format receives Curriculum 4.0 award sponsored by the Stifterverband.

  Awarding the Winners in Berlin Copyright: © Copyright: Peter Himsel Prize being awarded in Berlin on October 24, 2016 (left to right.: Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedrich W. Hesse, Debora Greis, Prof. Dr. Oliver Salge, Katja Trescher, Theresia Bauer, Prof. Dr. Andreas Schlüter)  

The LEAD (LEarn Acting Digitally) project will incorporate an interdisciplinary Master's degree program which has a blended learning format. The degree program is intended to develop decision-making and management competencies in the STEM field for effective leadership in digital working environments. The winning project will receive funding in the amount of 60,000 € from the Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung foundation and the Stifterverband. Within the framework of the funding program "Curriculum 4.0", leading experts from industry and science agreed that the LEAD project application was "particularly eligible" to receive funding from the program. With the implementation of this project, RWTH Aachen University will be moving along innovative pathways in Master-level education.

In this pilot project, RWTH Aachen University will be providing a Master's degree program - MME-TIME (Management and Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Marketing und Entrepreneurship). The entire program will have a blended learning format and be available to students who are working in parallel to their studies. It will feature two innovative elements: On the one hand, the degree program will be interdisciplinary-oriented throughout, addressing not only the latest findings from the field of digitalization and industry 4.0 but also equipping students with management competencies which are required for the successful development of innovative business models and digital working environments.

On the other hand, the degree program will pursue a new form of "digital learning". In order to fulfill students' demands in an increasingly digitalized world, the program will allow students to combine digital and in-class teaching modules and to implement what they have learned directly in their workplace. It is the goal of this new Master's program to educate a new generation of decision makers who will excel in technological competency as well as management abilities. The program aims to attract an international target group with a STEM background who wish to pursue a Master's degree while continuing to be in employment.

This project has been designed by RWTH International Academy gGmbH, the TIME Research Area, the Institute of Occupational Medicine at Uniklinik RWTH Aachen and the Düsseldorf firm skillconomy GmbH. Having been submitted this summer, the project application received approval a few days ago. The team is particularly proud of the fact that LEAD is - along with 11 further projects - one of the prize winners from a total of 147 project submissions across Germany.

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