Innovation, Strategy, and Organization (ISO)

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The Innovation, Strategy, and Organization (ISO) Group under direction of Professor Salge and associate Professor Antons explores basic research questions at the intersection of innovation and technology management, strategic management and organization theory. It does so in close collaboration with scholars from Europe (Cambridge, Oxford, St. Andrews) and elsewhere (Auckland, Buenos Aires, Philadelphia, Washington).

Special emphasis is being placed on questions pertaining to the design of innovation processes, the role of innovation culture as well as the adoption and impact of new technologies. Under which circumstances, for instance, are collaborative innovation activities particularly beneficial? Which challenges are likely to occur in this regard and which managerial remedies are available? How can knowledge exchange between universities and industry be facilitated? Which facets of organizational culture are particularly vital for innovation performance? What determines decision-makers’ willingness to invest in new technologies? How do technologies affect not only the technical and economic performance of organizations, but also their legitimacy and reputation?

Research projects conducted by members of the ISO group are designed to provide new evidence-based insights into these questions, which are of relevance for academia and practice alike. They received several international research awards, among which the Knult Holt Award for the Best Overall Conference Paper of the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) as well as three prestigious Academy of Management Best Paper Awards. Research findings are regularly published in leading international journals including the Health Services Research , Journal of Applied Psychology , Journal of Product Innovation Management, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Journal of Service Research, MIS Quarterly and Research Policy .



The ISO group offers courses in the field of innovation and technology management, strategy and organisation. They are targeted primarily at bachelor and master students in business administration as well as business administration and engineering with a strong interest in research-oriented and highly interactive courses in English language.

Bachelor-level courses include:

  1. Wirtschaft Aktuell I - Winter Term
  2. Wirtschaft Aktuell II - Summer Term
  3. Foundations of Strategic Management - Summer Term

Master-level courses include:

  1. Strategic Technology Management - Winter Term
  2. Corporate Governance - Winter Term
  3. Introduction to Business Administration - Winter Term
  4. Innovation Research Seminar (advanced master students and PhD students) - Summer and Winter Term
  5. Project Module Innovation Strategy and Organisation - Summer and Winter Term
  6. Organizational Behaviour - Summer Term
  7. Organization Theory - Summer Term
  8. Organization Theory : Online Format - Summer Term
  9. Quantitative Innovation Research - Summer Term

Please explore our course database for further information.

Moreover, the ISO Group offers a range of topics for bachelor, master and diploma theses with students benefiting from intensive support from members of the group. Please explore our thesis database for further information.