MME-Time Thesis Challenge



Healthcare Innovation Lab



For our students from the RWTH Business School, we are offering a "Thesis Challenge" as an alternative format for a master thesis. Thematically, the focus revolves around the "Smart Hospital".

What is a Smart Hospital?

A Smart Hospital uses automated processes and innovative technologies, e.g. artificial intelligence, to improve patient care and reduce the workload of hospital staff. Key aspects of the Smart Hospital concept are networks between medical facilities and the open exchange of information.

What does the business school challenge involve?

Interested students can choose between two different variants of the challenge. The challenge differs not only in terms of the object of study, but also in terms of the scientific approach. The variants differ with regard to the research subject as well as to the scientific working methods. The variants are structured as follows:

  HIL Business Challenge Option 1

First option for the Business Challenge

  HIL Business Challenge Option 2

Second option for the Business Challenge


Are you interested in the Business Challenge and would like to learn more about Smart Hospitals? Then please write us an .