New TIM-Publication on Outcome Driven Innovation for the Circular Economy in the Journal of Cleaner Production

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The article "Towards circular business models: Identifying consumer needs based on the jobs-to-be-done theory" will be published in the Journal of Cleaner Production in September 2019. The journal is one of the leading journals for interdisciplinary sustainability research. In the article the authors Stephan Hankammer, Sebastian Brenk, Hannah Fabry, Anne Nordemann and Frank Piller shed light on the transition from product-oriented to product service-oriented business models to promote the circular economy. Many business models in the circular economy so far often had to struggle with a lack of acceptance and consumer participation (e.g. with leasing offers). The reasons for this lack of acceptance and the special needs of consumers have not yet been dealt with in detail by the young field of Circular Economy research. Using the consumer electronics industry as an example, the authors show how insights into the needs of consumers can be gained along the life cycle of a television using the so-called outcome driven innovation method. With their study, the authors promote the understanding of consumer orientation in the circular economy literature and make a valuable contribution to the methodological repertoire for customer-oriented innovation management for the circular economy. The study can be found here.


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