Project Report IMP³rove 2013


Project Report IMP³rove 2013

IMProve Grafic

During the summer semester 2013, A.T. Kearney ( and RWTH TIM (coordinators: Robin Kleer and Frank Piller) launched the project module IMP³rove in the M.Sc. in Management, Business and Economics program.

In a Kick-off meeting, participants were introduced to the IMP³rove benchmarking approach (, an innovation management assessment designed for small and medium sized enterprises (SME). In teams of 3 or 4, students then recruited a company, with focus on local SME to strengthen the region’s innovative performance. Students introduced the IMP³rove concept to the company and helped them to fill out the IMP³rove online questionnaire. The resulting detailed IMP³rove benchmark report was then evaluated by the student team and improvement measures presented to members of A.T. Kearney and RWTH TIM. After some feedback loops a final management report with a recommended course of action was created to support the innovation management capabilities of the consulted SME.

Overall, the project was a great success, resulting both in very positive feedback from the companies (“we did not expect such interesting insights from student consulting”) and students (“a great project in applied innovation management”). This leads us to continue the project with A.T. Kearney next summer, this time also including students from the M.Sc. in Business Administration and Engineering program.

We hope that local companies will join us in this mutually beneficial project.