R&D Management Conference 2015 and "Call for Papers"


We would like to announce the R&D Management Conference 2015 which will take place from June 23rd to 26th hosted by the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. Leading representatives from industry and academia in the field of R&D Management from all over the world will meet at pisa, italy. The conference topic, that is "(Fast?) Connecting R&D", will take a broad perspective on technology and innovation management. You can find an overview of the conference tracks here.

Moreover, we would like to call your attention to the track on business model innovation and to invite you to contribute a submission for the conference. The track will take a multiperspective look on new ways to develop and analyze business model innovation:

  • How can companies identify disruptive business models?
  • What determines successful pioneer and follower strategies with business model innovations?
  • How can companies use patterns as tool to develop and implement new business models? Which patterns have proven to be more successful than others?
  • How can a transformation of the existing business model be organized to lead companies to success?

For more information, please find attached a summary of the business model innovation track at the R&D Management Conference 2015.

We would be delighted to receive a submission of you and we would be grateful if you could forward the invitation to anybody who might be concerned.

Feel free to contact us if you require any further information!