Prof. Dr.

Vera Blazevic

Affiliated Professors - Visiting Professor

Prof. Dr. Vera Blazevic
Radboud-Universität Nijmegen & RWTH TIM Institute


RWTH Aachen TIM,
Kackertstraße 7, Room: B361
52072 Aachen



Phone: +49 241 80 93581
Fax Fax: +49 241 80 92367


Prof. Vera Blazevic has been a visiting professor at RWTH TIM Group since 2010. Prior to that she studied international business with a focus on marketing and organization at Maastricht University (NL) where, in 2005, she also completed her doctoral studies with her dissertation about „The Fascination of Knowledge Creation: Studies on Knowledge Interfaces in High-Tech Services“. Since April 2011 Vera Blazevic is an assistant professor at Radboud University in Nijmegen (NL).

Research Interests

  • Co-Creation in Innovation Management and Marketing (e.g., in Ideation Contests)
  • Social processes in innovation management
  • Sales-service interface

Selected Publications

  • Gatzweiler, A., Blazevic, V. & Piller, F.T. (2017). Dark Side or Bright Light: Destructive and Constructive Deviant Content in Consumer Ideation Contests. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 34 (6), 772-789.
  • Reypens, C., Lievens, A. & Blazevic, V. (2016). Leveraging value in multi-stakeholder innovation networks: A process framework for value co-creation and capture. Industrial Marketing Management, 56, 40-50.
  • Blazevic, V., Wiertz, C., Cotte, J., Ruyter, K. de & Keeling, D.I. (2014). GOSIP in Cyberspace: Conceptualization and Scale Development for General Online Social Interaction Propensity. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 28 (2), 87-100.
  • Gatzweiler, A., Blazevic, V., & Piller, F. (2013): “When users take control: Managing the dark side of customer co-creation”, ISPIM Magazine, Issue 3,
  • van Beerlo, G., Bloemer J., and Blazevic, V., “Customer demotion in hierarchical loyalty programs”, Service Industries Journal, forthcoming.
  • Blazevic, V., Hammedi, W., Garnefeld, I., Rust, R.T., Keiningham, T., Andreassen, T.W., Donthu, N., & Carl, W. (2013): “Beyond traditional word-of-mouth: An expanded model of customer-driven influence”, Journal of Service Management, 24 (3), 294-313.
  • Mahr, D., Lievens, A., & Blazevic, V. (forthcoming) “The value of customer co-created knowledge during the innovation process”, Journal of Product Innovation Management
  • Jasmand, C., Blazevic, V., & de Ruyter, K. (2012): “Generating sales while providing service: A study of customer service representatives’ ambidextrous behavior”, Journal of Marketing, 76 (1), pp. 20-37.
  • Schumann, J., von Wangenheim, F., Stringfellow, A., Yang, Z., Blazevic, V., Praxmarer, S., Shainesh, G., Komor, M., & Jimenez, F. (2010): “Cross-cultural differences in the effect of received word-of-mouth referral in relational service exchange”. Journal of International Marketing, 18 (3), pp. 62-80.
  • Schumann, J., von Wangenheim, F., Stringfellow, A., Yang, Z., Praxmarer, S., Jimenez, F., Blazevic, V., Shannon, R.M., Shainesh, G., & Komor, M. (2010): “Drivers of trust in relational service exchange: Understanding the importance of cross-cultural differences”, Journal of Service Research, 13(4), 453-468.

*Nominated for the best paper award in JSR 2010

  • Dholakia, U., Blazevic, V., Wiertz, C., & Algesheimer, R. (2009): “Communal service delivery: How customers benefit from participation in firm-hosted virtual P3 communities”, Journal of Service Research, 12 (2), 208-226.

*Nominated for the best paper award in JSR 2009

  • Blazevic, V., & Lievens, A. (2008): Managing innovation through customer cocreated knowledge in electronic services: An exploratory study, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 36 (1), 138-151.
  • Blazevic, V., and Lievens, A. (2004): Learning during the new financial service innovation process: Antecedents and performance effects, Journal of Business Research, 57, 374-391.
  • Blazevic, V., Lievens, A., and Klein, E. (2003): Antecedents of project learning and time-to-market during new mobile service development, International Journal of Service Industry Management, 14 (1), 120-147.