Dr. rer. pol.

Patrick Pollok


Dr. rer. pol.
Technologie- und Innovationsmanagement (TIM)


Gebäude: 3011

Raum: 344

Kackertstr. 7

52072 Aachen


Telefon: +49 241 80 99180
Fax Fax: +49 241 80 92367


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  • Organizational search and learning
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Open innovation
  • Technology transfer

Ausgewählte Publikationen

  • Pollok, P., Lüttgens, D., & Piller, F. T. (2018). How firms develop capabilities for crowdsourcing to increase open innovation performance: The interplay between organizational roles and knowledge processes. Journal of Product Innovation Management, (in press). doi: 10.1111/jpim.12485
  • Pollok, P., Lüttgens, D., & Piller, F. T. (2019). Attracting solutions in crowdsourcing contests: The role of knowledge distance, identity disclosure, and seeker status. Research Policy, 48(1), 98-114. doi: 10.1016/j.respol.2018.07.022
  • Lüttgens, D., Pollok, P., Antons, D., & Piller, F. (2014). Wisdom of the crowd and capabilities of a few: internal success factors of crowdsourcing for innovation. Journal of Business Economics, 84(3), 339-374. doi: 10.1007/s11573-014-0723-7