Stephanie Knizkov



Stephanie Knizkov
Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (TIM/ISO)


Building: 3011

Room: B 362

Kackertstr. 7, 3. Floor

52072 Aachen



  • Responsible for the institute’s digital learning initiatives, as part of the RWTHx MicroMaster Program on edX
    (MOOCs: “Strategic Management I”, and Strategic Management II”, “Customer Centric Innovation”, “Innovation and Creativity Management”)
  • Courses: “Principles of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing: The StreetScooter Case”
  • Coaching and supervision of students


  • Data-driven consulting as intern at the KPMG’s Center of Excellence for Data & Analytics
  • Implementation of lean optimization in the Airbus Cabin Equipment Center, as intern at the PTS Logistics Group
  • Independent projects (2015-2016) on digitalization use-cases development (with BLG Logistics Group, Hansa Meyer Global) and global market expansion strategy (with Röhlig Logistics).
  • Strategic foreign relations and collaboration as sergeant in the Israeli Defence Forces


S. Knizkov and J.C. Arlinghaus, Is Co-Creation Always Sustainable? Empirical Exploration of Co-Creation Patterns, Practices, and Outcomes in Bottom of the Pyramid Markets. Sustainability 2019, 11, 6017.

S. Knizkov and J. C. Bendul, “Frugal Innovation and Sustainability: Bringing Together Polarised Views from the State of the Art,” in the Handbook of Frugal Innovations and the Sustainable Development Goals, Edward Elgar Publishers, forthcoming (2020).

S. Knizkov and J. C. Bendul, “Frugal Supply Chains? Systematic Literature Review and Empirical Investigation of Best Practices at the Bottom of the Pyramid,” in the R&D Management Conference, Paris, July, 2019. (Track Nomination for Best Paper Award)

S. Knizkov and J. C. Bendul, “Digitalization and its Impact on Distribution of Frugal Innovations: Insights from Rural Electrification Efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa and India,” in European Academy of Management Conference, Lisbon, July, 2019.

S. Knizkov, O. Antons, and J. C. Bendul, “Designing Inclusive Supply Chains for Sustainability: Empirical Insights from the Bottom of the Global Economic Pyramid,” in European Operations Management Association Conference, Helsinki, June, 2019.