Dirk Lüttgens


Dr. rer. pol.

Dirk Lüttgens

Technology and Innovation Management (TIM)

Research Group Leader


Building: 3011

Room: 345

Kackertstr. 7

52072 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80-93511
Fax Fax: +49 241 80-92367

Personal data:

Dirk Lüttgens studied business administration at RWTH Aachen University. He received his doctorate under Prof. Schröder on the topic: "Integration of external knowledge into the innovation process: an empirical analysis". He leads the research group on Business Model Innovation and Organizational Change in established companies. This is also the topic of his habilitation.
He is a Research Domain Leader in the interdisciplinary Cluster of Excellence "Internet of Production" within the German Excellence Initiative, where he focuses on the usage stage of industrial data and data spaces in the context of Industry 4.0 and platform-based business ecosystems. In other projects, many of them with industry involvement, he deals with topics such as design and implementation of innovation systems; open innovation; building and developing digital business models (ecosystems, platforms and two-sided markets) and management of disruptive innovation.
His current research examines, among other things, which strategies and business models companies must adopt in threatened markets in order to avoid losing their competitive position to new entrants. In particular, he is currently analyzing cooperative banks and their changes at the strategic and business model levels. In the thematic area of open innovation and open ecosystems, he examines the opening of value creation through the integration of customers, universities, competitors and other complementaries.
He has received several (inter)national awards for his research and teaching activities (e.g. nomination for the Innovation McKinsey Award, AOM Awards, Borchers Plakette, Hauschildt Award of the VHB , Best Lecture of the RWTH Aachen - an award for outstanding teachers of the RWTH). At ADG Business School he is responsible for the specialization Digital Innovation & Business Transformation.

Research areas:

  • Platform-based Business Ecosystems
  • Design and implementation of (open) innovation systems
  • Business Model Innovation as well as transformation of companies in the context of strongly changing environments (e.g. banks, print industry, heavy & agricultural industry)
  • Team creativity in the context of open organizations
  • "Crowdsourcing" as a function of distributed problem solving in cooperation with innovation platforms and intermediaries

Prizes and scholarships:

  • Hauschildt Award of the VHB for the best empirical research publication in the field of innovation management, 2019
  • RWTH Lecturer Award as part of the Excellence Initiative
  • Finalist of the M-Price for Management Innovation, awarded by Harvard Business Review and McKinsey, 2013
  • Borchers Badge Award of RWTH Aachen University for PHD Dissertation
  • Scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Selected publications:

  • Pollok, P., Amft, A., Diener, K., Lüttgens, D., & Piller, F. T. (2021). Knowledge diversity and team creativity: How hobbyists beat professional designers in creating novel board games. Research Policy, 50(8), 104174.
  • Piller, F., Van Dyck, M., Lüttgens, D., & Diener, K. (2021). Positioning strategies in emerging industrial ecosystems for industry 4.0. In Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (p. 6153).
  • Diener, K., Luettgens, D., & Piller, F. T. (2020). Intermediation for open innovation: Comparing direct versus delegated search strategies of innovation intermediaries. International Journal of Innovation Management, 24(04), 2050037.
  • Pollok, P., Lüttgens, D., & Piller, F. T. (2019). Attracting solutions in crowdsourcing contests: The role of knowledge distance, identity disclosure, and seeker status. Research Policy, 48(1), 98-114.
  • Pollok, P., Lüttgens, D., & Piller, F. T. (2019). How firms develop capabilities for crowdsourcing to increase open innovation performance: The interplay between organizational roles and knowledge processes. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 36(4), 412-441.
  • Brenk, S., Lüttgens, D., Diener, K., & Piller, F. (2019). Learning from failures in business model innovation: solving decision-making logic conflicts through intrapreneurial effectuation. Journal of Business Economics, 89(8), 1097-1147.
  • Zynga, A., Diener, K., Ihl, C., Lüttgens, D., Piller, F., & Scherb, B. (2018). Making Open Innovation Stick: A Study of Open Innovation Implementation in 756 Global Organizations: A large study of international companies shows that distinct routines and organizational structures differentiate organizations that succeed with open innovation. Research-Technology Management, 61(4), 16-25.
  • Schäfer, S., Antons, D., Lüttgens, D., Piller, F., & Salge, T. O.. (2017). Talk to Your Crowd: Principles for Effective Communication in Crowdsourcing A few key principles for communicating with solvers can help contest sponsors maintain and grow their base of participants. Research Technology Management, 60(4), 33-42.
  • Roberts, D. L., Piller, F. T., & Lüttgens, D. (2016). Mapping the impact of social media for innovation: The role of social media in explaining innovation performance in the PDMA comparative performance assessment study. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 33, 117-135.
  • Burmeister, C., Lüttgens, D., & Piller, F. T. (2016). Business model innovation for Industrie 4.0: why the 'industrial internet' mandates a new perspective on innovation. The Enterprise, 70(2), 124-152.
  • Lüttgens, D., Pollok, P., Antons, D., & Piller, F. (2014). Wisdom of the crowd and capabilities of a few: internal success factors of crowdsourcing for innovation. Journal of Business Economics, 84(3), 339-374.

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