Dr. rer. pol.

Frank Steiner


Technology and Innovation Management




  • Platform manager of the portal for mass customization.
  • Coordination of presentations for student internships.
  • Partnership / Exchange program with the ETM department at Portland State University.
  • Member of all examination boards for the interdisciplinary Business Administration and Engineering Programs ("Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen") at RWTH Aachen University.


  • Research Associate at the Technology and Innovation Management Group since September 2009.
  • Studies of business administration and engineering with majors in automotive engineering at RWTH Aachen University from 2003 to 2009 (diploma degree).
  • Studies of engineering management at Portland State University from 2006 to 2007 (M.Sc.).
  • Teaching experience as tutor and lecturer for the courses “Introduction to business administration”, “Strategic Technology and Innovation Management” and “Interactive Value Creation”.
  • Project manager for the research project REMPLANET ( and the platform. Participation in the research project EMOTIO ( Since 2011 Frank is a stipendiary at the DFG Graduate Researcher Program 1491 on Ramp-Up Management (

Research Interests

  • Mass Customization
  • Solution Space Development
  • Strategic Management
  • Sustainable Development
  • Business Model Innovation

Research Methodology

  • Analytical techniques: qualitative data analysis, SEM
  • Software: SPSS, Amos, SmartPLS
  • Data: data sets from several surveys that were conducted by the TIM group


  • Steiner, F. & Hergenröther, I. (2013): Modular product architectures as an enabler of the simultaneous application of a mass customization strategy and efficient ramp-up management, in: International Journal of Product Development (accepted for publication).
  • Steiner, F., Ihl, C., Piller, F.T. & Tarman, R.T. (2011): Learning from the Customer: Identifying Changing User Needs during Product Usage through Embedded Toolkits for User Innovation, in: Engineering Management Journal, 23 (4): 3-13.