Certified AI


The collaborative project CERTIFIED AI brings together a high level ofexpertise from science, industry, and standardization in order to establisheconomically sensible and scientifically quality standards for thetrustworthy use of AI applications and to develop a certification processfor testing them. Our research partners here are Fraunhofer IAIS, theFederal Office for Information Security (BSI), the German Institute forStandardisation (DIN), the University of Cologne and the University ofBonn. In addition, a practice-oriented development is made possible bythe pronounced consideration of a large number of DAX corporations andleading business enterprises from various sectors such as mobility, finance, chemistry, and trade and mechanical engineering.

Further project information and publications can be found on the project website.


Our contribution:

The Digital Responsibility and Innovation Lab at the Institute forTechnology and Innovation Management at RWTH Aachen University (RWTH TIM) researches the specific needs of future users andconsumers, the mode of action and the economic viability of AI certification as well as corresponding business models. The longstandingdomain knowledge of the interdisciplinary lab team of economists, business informatics specialists, psychologists and engineers withvarious backgrounds in privacy, cyber security, artificial intelligence, IT adaptation and psychology enables a holistic approach.

In addition, the Institute's broad expertise in strategic, behavioral andcomputer-based technology and innovation management is used in theproject work. Qualitative research methods are used as well asexperimental and statistical procedures.

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