Open Transfer Index


The channels and characteristics of knowledge transfer in organizational innovation processes have become much more diverse in recent years. Especially open transfer processes have gained increasing relevance for our economy – in particular when it comes to platform and data-driven economy.

The traditional instruments for measuring knowledge transfer have not yet taken sufficient account of this new diversity. As a consequence, the current quantitative assessment of the exchange relationships between science and business in the German innovation system are potentially distorted. Such a distorted assessment of the transfer level can lead to an incorrect assessment of the necessity and usefulness of specific political measures in the area of innovation policy.

Our Contribution

The project partners Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft and the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) at RWTH Aachen University want to remedy this situation by developing and empirically surveying a new indicator (Open Transfer Index) to identify and measure open transfer processes. The planned index serves to comprehensively measure open knowledge transfer and thus supplements the pool of existing indicators from innovation research.

Overall, the Open Transfer Index project pursues three goals:

  • Identify and quantify: Open knowledge transfer is identified and empirically assessed in its various forms.
  • Evaluate the quality of transfer channels: The effectiveness of new transfer channels and instruments will be examined from the perspective of the companies.
  • Identify possible courses of action: Recommendations for the design of new political measures and funding instruments to strengthen knowledge transfer will be derived.