Cluster of Excellence"Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries"

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Technology and Innovation Management (TIM)
Funding Body:
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
DFG and 25 further professors at RWTH Aachen
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In the Cluster of Excellence more than 20 institutes of material and production technology at RWTH Aachen University do research together on fundamentals of a sustainable production strategy. Aim is to assure the production in High-Wage Countries "€“ and this in the context of the dynamic framework of a world affected by globalisation. Working in the Cluster of Excellence is focused on coming up with principles for sustainable production strategies and theories, as well as approaches for technologies that are needed to realise them. Based on scientific analysis of the Polylemma of production technology, individualisation, virtualisation, hybridisation and self-optimising production have been identified as essential research areas. To achieve the aims of research activities, an active cooperation with manufacturers is necessary. Several companies with an international reputation agreed on providing real business and industry cases

Unit of Analysis: Firm, Industry