IRS Hooman Ahvari

Donnerstag, 21.05.2015, 15:30 Uhr, TIM Social Area


User entrepreneurs : How Social Media would be employed to sell the self-designed products by users

The term Customer co-creation is to understand how effectively companies acquire benefits from customers in different stages of product development. For this reason, the firms consequently create and develop “Toolkits for customer co-design” in order to get customers involved. Moreover, in recent years, there are some few companies such as Dawanda, Zazzle, and Cafepress which prepare a platform for their customers not only design their self-designed products as user innovator, but enable them to become user entrepreneurs by selling products afterwards. In essence, previous researches have argued the motives and triggers of individuals to participate in customer co- creation developed by companies, but the novelty of this project lies to figure out the motives of user entrepreneurs who sell their products and how social media could subsequently assist?