IRS Julius-Ferdinand Kolb

Wednesday, 6 June 2018, 12:15, TIM Social Area


Building of trust in asymmetric buyer-supplier relationships

Motivation: The automotive industry is in a time of change, with new technologies, as autonomous driving, and new business models, as sharing economy, threatening the establishment. Because the incumbent firms search outside their ecosystem, cooperation with new entrants (e.g. startups) becomes more frequent, for example via accelerators. The transfer from these programs to the series production presents now the big challenge.

Method: Interviews with new entrants, which look for or have committed to cooperation, and their respective partners at the incumbent.

Findings: Startups are attracted by company size and legitimation, but are deterred by timelines, standard processes and unclear responsibilities. Champions, strategic alignment and clear communication are helping startups with the transfer.

Julius-Ferdinand Kolb