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SmartHospital.NRW Ideation & Creation Workshop

  Workshop picture

The HIL team conducted an Ideation & Creation workshop in Essen as part of the project SmartHospitalNRW . Moderated by our experts, Mareen Meyer, Florian Jovy-Klein and Thomas Reibel the participants developed AI-based solutions for three different hospital settings.

The workshop was attended by participants from various fields, including AI, medicine, nursing, engineering, mathematics, and economics. In the beginning, the "Smart Hospital NRW" project and the methods of design thinking and technology blueprinting were introduced. The purpose of the workshop was to collaboratively work on three pre-defined application use cases from the hospital, using blueprinting and design thinking approaches to systematically identify problems and iteratively develop and improve AI solutions. The resulting solutions were discussed in a plenary session and further developed iteratively. The workshop provided an exciting opportunity to network and develop innovative AI solutions. We are eagerly anticipating the next workshop. Thank you to SmartHospitalNRW project initiative for your support and to all the participants for their active involvement.


Project Meeting TraumAInterfaces in Aachen

Project meeting

Date of announcement: January 2023

Last week, our Healthcare Innovation Lab and AIXTRA Aachen invited the partners of the TraumAInterfaces project to a consortium meeting in Aachen. TraumAInterfaces is a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Health regarding digital innovations that improve patient-centered care in healthcare.

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Publication "Ready for the Smart Hospital?"

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Date of announcement: December 2022

As part of the KINRW flagship project SmartHospitalNRW, the Healthcare Innovation Lab at the RWTH Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) has developed an AI Readiness Check together with our partners, Essen University Hospital and Fraunhofer IAIS. This check can help hospitals to examine whether the necessary conditions and capabilities for the use of AI are present. Targeted recommendations for action can also support hospitals in their transformation to a smart hospital.

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The Healthcare Innovation participated in the networking event "Meet - Share - Exchange 2.0" from the BMG

  Current Project Status

Date of announcment: November 2022

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Project Module Kick-Off: "The Dark-side of Artificial Intelligence (AI): Facilitating or Replacing Work Processes"


Date of announcement: October 2022

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Publication "Artificial Intelligence- Making the Most of Opportunities"

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Date of announcement: June 2022

Following the exciting networking event "MEET - SHARE - EXCHANGE" organized by the German Federal Ministry of Health, we published a white paper "Künstliche Intelligenz- Chancen optimal nutzen" in the German Aertzeblatt together with the participants of this networking event. If you are interested, you can find the published article here.

Within the project TraumAInterfaces, we are working on solving these problem. The aim is to sustainably increase patient care and to successfully integrate AI into the shock room environment. The AI developed with our partners is intended to efficiently support the treating staff in the shock room as well as to eliminate possible sources of error and thus, ensuring better treatment.

Thank you for the exciting knowledge exchange with other experts in the field of medical digitization. We look forward to further meetings and discussions.


Virtual Networking Event 2022

  Virtual Networking Event 2022

Date of announcement: 28.01.2022

As part of the virtual networking event organized by the German Federal Ministry of Health and the DLR Projektträger, we had the opportunity to exchange experiences with other funded projects in the field of AI and Big Data in healthcare.

Thereby, we exchanged our project experiences across different projects. During the two-day events, we not only gained exciting insights into the different projects and the underlying project challenges, but also jointly developed solution approaches and future support opportunities and funding requirements in the context of workshops.

The Healthcare Innovation Lab is looking forward to future events and wishes all projects continued success.


One Year TraumAInterfaces

  One Year TraumAinterfaces

Date of announcement: 31.11.2021

The TraumAInterfaces project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Health, started over a year ago. In the past year, together with all project partners, we have generated important findings and steps for the successful development and implementation of AI-based systems for the hospital environment.

For example, computer lab-based experiments were used to determine the performance between speech recognition systems and humans. Initial results point out that humans currently have a lower word error rate than the underlying speech recognition system. The reasons for this are, among others, the low number of data, limited data quality due to the jumbling of different speakers or possible interfering noises. To increase the reliability of the software and to improve the existing software in the long term, these points will be improved and eliminated in the next step. In the further course of the project, the speech recognition system will be trained and further developed step by step.

We are looking forward to another exciting project year together with all project partners.


SmartHospital.NRW at the MEDICA 2021

  SmartHospital.NRW - MEDICA 2021

Date of announcement: 18.11.2021

Half-time at MEDICA - Our Healthcare Innovation Lab has already spent two exciting days with project partners at MEDICA - Leading International Trade Fair in Düsseldorf.

For the project #SmartHospitalNRW, project managers from our RWTH Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) team, experts from Fraunhofer IAIS, the University Medical Center Essen, and the industry partner m.Doc GmbH are currently giving exciting insights into research on the hospital of the future.


Kick-Off SmartHospital.NRW

  SmartHospital.NRW Kick-Off

Date of announcement: 03.03.2021

The official kick-off for the SmartHospital.NRW project, funded by the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia, has been launched.

With all partners involved (which are amongst others the Universitätsmedizin Essen, Fraunhofer IAIS, Fraunhofer MEVIS, Technische Universität Dortmund, m.Doc GmbH, GSG Consulting, T-Systems International / Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions, ruhrHUB and many more) we could virtually raise our glasses to cheer to the official kick-off for the smart.Hospital.NRW project on March 12, 2021.

The Healthcare Innovation Lab at the RWTH Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) is excited to embark on a five-year journey, with the goal to leverage technology such as artificial intelligence, to transform hospitals and healthcare processes into smart hospitals of the future.


MME-Time Thesis Challenge

Date of announcement: 03.03.2021

The kick-off meeting for the SmartHospital.NRW project will take place in March. The aim of the project is to use artificial intelligence to improve patient treatment, relieve hospital staff and make processes efficient. SmartHospital.NRW is part of the flagship initiative KI.NRW of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The entire Healthcare Innovation Lab is looking forward to this exciting project.