WIR! Intro  

WIR! provides the impulse for new regional alliances and sustainable innovation-based structural change in all structurally weak regions in Germany. As part of the WIR!-project, the Regional Innovation Lab is responsible for the accompanying research. Together with the regional alliances and the PtJ, we understand and learn which specific challenges must be mastered in the establishment and control of sustainable, innovation-led alliances, especially in structurally weak regions. We would like to support the exchange of experiences among the alliances as well as the learning from one another.

Our task is to provide scientific support for the establishment, implementation and continuous development of the WIR! alliances. In this context, we are interested in several questions, for example:

  • How can a WIR! alliance maximize the existing potential of its own region and at the same time expand to new areas?
  • How can a WIR! alliance sharpen its profile while keeping an eye on demand and competition?
  • How can a WIR! alliance find, integrate and manage suitable partners in its region and beyond?

One aim of the accompanying research is to gain new scientific knowledge in the area of regional innovation. For this purpose, we will use our previous know-how in innovation networks, but also carry out further extensive analyses in the WIR! context. Our analyses are based, among other things, on the concepts, websites and archive data of the regions as well as on regular interviews and surveys. Additionally, we also create concrete added value for individual regional ecosystems. It is particularly important to us to prepare our findings in such a way that all regional ecosystems can benefit from them. Therefore, we offer regular workshops in which, together with the regional ecosystems, we identify success factors and best practices in the areas of (1) innovation potential, (2) sharpen value propositions and target groups, and (3) discuss ecosystem structures and processes.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact the project coordinator .