As the Regional Innovation lab, we work on a variety of projects related to regional innovation. We aim to generate new scientific findings in this field and provide knowledge that can be used by different actors in practice.


Project Overview

Project Target Status
WIR! WIR! provides the impulse for new regional alliances and sustainable innovation-based structural change in all structurally weak regions in Germany. active
DryHy DryHy aims to develop technologies and processes for resource-oriented, sustainable and efficient energy and material management. active
WIP WIP aims to develop innovative and sustainable development strategies for energy and spatial planning with municipalities in the Central German mining region and to promote structural change through intensive networking of the municipalities. active
EU Climate The project aims to evaluate the transformative potential of Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) strategies and provide actionable recommendations for overcoming barriers in different regions. active
Smart City Metaverse Exploration of possible applications and opportunities, but also challenges & barriers of the metaverse in the (municipal) context and the smart city. active


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