IRS Nina Jost

Thursday, 24 April 2014, 4pm, TIM Social Area

  Nina Jost Copyright: © Marcus Gerards

The Role of Social Media for Innovation Practice

There are growing signs that firms are attempting to make use of social media for commercial gain and this is coupled with a consensus that such a strategy can improve business and innovation performance. However,
the literature says very little about the role of social media in the NPD process and there is a paucity of empirical studies that links the use of social media to NPD performance. According to Marion, Barczak and Hultink (2013), what is not yet sufficiently understood is the impact of new social media IT tools on NPD performance. In the most recent CPAS study the best performing firms were seen to use a variety of IT tools to speed new products to market. This raises interesting questions for research and the purpose of this study is to enrich our understanding of the role of social media in the context of innovation: What is the current state of practice with regard to the use of social media based tools? And are these tools used in a multi-method approach, i.e. are there observable patterns (clusters) of combinations of social-media based tools and conventional tools?

Nina Jost