IRS Christian Burmeister

Wednesday, 7 January 2015, 2pm, TIM Social Area

  Christian Burmeister

Spot the Iceberg from far Ahead: Business Model Threats and the Moderating Role of Individual Business Model Characteristics

Significant technological advancements as well as increased competition and regulation in globalized markets had notably different effects on Business Models over the past decade while late threat recognition and inertia are persisting sources of value destruction. Classic paradigms of the Strategic Management and Organization literature describe rather narrow phenomena with few variables.

The evolving Business Model Literature offers a new unit of analysis by broadening the scope beyond the classical boundaries of firm and industry. Empirical research and operationalization of the business model construct as well as its antecedents that influence performance or value, however, are still at an early stage. This paper aims to fill this gap and facilitate better analyses of Business Model threats by operationalizing and measuring the effects of external influence factors on firm performance, moderated by Business Model characteristics. On the basis of a survey magnitude, interdependencies, and time lag of these variables will be measured. As a result, relationships between external and internal factors will become clear and conversely offer an entry point to strategy identification. The advantage of the more holistic Business Model view for strategic analysis will be underpinned.

Christian Burmeister