Winter Term 2016/17

Date Speaker Title
12. October, 2016 Thomas Leclerq (Guest Lecturer) -
19. October, 2016 Sebastian Schäfer (ISO) Essays on Collaborative Innovation: The Case of Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing​
2. November, 2016 Christian Burmeister (TIM) -
23. November, 2016 J. Nils Foege Essays on Innovation, Collaboration, and Imitation: Exploring Value Appropriation Strategies in Open Innovation
07. December, 2016 Leona Brust (ISO) Mapping the evolution of Service-Dominant Logic, stimulating its future trajectory and enhancing its network of interdisciplinary research utilizing topic modeling techniques
14. December, 2016 Fabian Louven (TIM) TBD
21. December, 2016 Sebastian Brenk (TIM) TBD
11. January, 2017 Stephan Hankammer (TIM) Nudging Customers Towards More Sustainable Choices
18. January, 2017 Ning Wang (TIM) TBD
25. January, 2017 Ruth Jiang (TIM) Essays on the implications of disruptive technologies: The case of additive manufacturing
8. February, 2017 Adrienne Schäfer (Luzern) TBD