Healthcare Innovation Lab

  Healthcare Innovation Lab  

"Digitalization in healthcare is a process of adaptive change which needs to be developed with all involved stakeholders.”


Welcome to our Healthcare Innovation Lab. We bring together people from different disciplines to accelerate the digitalization process within the healthcare sector. We want to bring technology, healthcare and research closer together.

Digitalization and new technologies are revolutionizing the world. The healthcare sector is one of the promising sectors where digitalization and technology can have a fundamental positive impact. Such technologies can significantly change and improve processes, treatment and/or diagnostic options along the complete value chain. In order to use such advantages and to implement technologies successfully, it is essential to involve all relevant stakeholders and work with different disciplines such as software providers, technology providers, hospitals, doctors, nurses or research centers. We want to encourage this exchange and build up a network environment where experiences are shared, and new ideas can be developed and tested through projects.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy: Change through Innovation and Network 


"Innovation sparks from smart networks that leverage change."



Creating a strong network can make a huge difference. Combining expertise out of different disciplines enable to drive change more successfully and connect research with practice. A network enables an intensive exchange of information, experience, knowledge and sharing of best practices. Moreover, new cooperation and projects can arise which are beneficial for all involved partners. Together we create such a network to learn from each other and drive forward the healthcare sector.


The world is changing continuously. New Technologies and Digitalization even foster this process. Thereby, changes can be challenging and/or create chances for people, economies and environment. In order to benefit from changes, people need to understand its impact and benefit. People need to be integrated in the change process.


Innovation is a key factor to be successful in today’s world. Driving changes through innovation enables organizations to build a unique reputation and improve people’s life, processes and treatments.

Mission / Vision

“The Healthcare innovation lab establishes the grounds, where interdisciplinary expertise is brought together to work on state-of-the-art technological advancements with the aim to change healthcare processes and to achieve the highest quality health system for all actors involved.”

  • Building up and establishing a strong network across boarders
  • Bringing technology, healthcare and research closer together
  • Establishing a technology healthcare ecosystem
  • Fostering and supporting multi-disciplinary projects across the world