Regional Innovation Lab

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We are happy that you are curious about the Regional Innovation Lab and welcome you to our website! Here you can find a first overview of our activities, our team and ways to interact with us. We encourage you to contact us to discuss any questions or options for collaboration!

Our Motivation

To do justice to the goals of “equal living conditions” and global competitiveness in all regions of Germany, new cooperative approaches are required. Actors from science, business, politics and administration, as well as the civic society with their complementary resources and skills within the region - and selectively beyond – must be bundled and supported systematically. In this way, knowing the often-latent potential of a region, it can be possible to develop specific fields of innovation and to develop a clear regional value proposition with corresponding products, services, processes, business models and/or social innovations for specific target or user groups. The establishment, control and further development of such complex innovation ecosystems prove to be extremely challenging in practice from the point of view of decision-makers in politics as well as program and project management.

Some of the challenges that apply are:

  • to connect heterogeneous actors from politics, science, business and civil society with sometimes very different objectives
  • to resolve anticipated tensions and conflicts (e.g., between tradition and innovation)
  • to enable actors inexperienced in innovation management to integrate the necessary specialist knowledge in a manner suitable for transfer, to learn and test the practical application of open innovation processes (e.g., for bottom-up activation)


“We envision dynamic innovation ecosystems, driven and sustained by empowerment of their core strengths. These ecosystems contribute to socially equitable and economically prosperous regions equally distributed across Germany.”


“As the Regional Innovation Lab, we systematically collect knowledge and experience to develop evidence-based methods, discover regional potentials and catalyze innovation-led structural change.”


Interested? Feel free to contact us by e-mail or via our contact form, we look forward to talking with you!