Sustainable Innovation Lab


Welcome to the website of the Sustainable Innovation Lab. Here you will find information about our activities, the team, and ways to contact us. We would be happy if you get in touch with us to discuss questions or opportunities for collaboration!

Our motivation:

Climate change and the associated objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement require change in many disciplines in the areas of business and society. In the coming years, this transformation needs to be realized in a targeted and future-oriented manner and sustainable business processes must be established. Continuous innovation is a fundamental element for this. With our interdisciplinary team, we act as an interface between the fields of business, research, and society. The Sustainable Innovation Lab acts as a mediator in the organizational integration and competence building of open innovation processes. Our approach enables us to collaboratively develop innovation areas and create value based on sustainable business model innovation within a region.

Some of the challenges are:

  • The integration of sustainable and future-oriented value creation into existing business model practices.
  • The empowerment of stakeholders to innovate in terms of the practical applicability of open innovation processes and business model innovations.
  • The utilization and realization of innovation potentials.
  • The continuous sharpening of innovation tools.
  • The development of shared value propositions based on regional strengths and actual market and target group needs


"Our vision is sustainable business processes based on open and innovative networking in ecosystems that strengthen the economy and society in the long term and protect the environment and climate."


"Through a broad spectrum of methods, we as Sustainable Innovation Lab develop solutions to couple structural change with long-term value creation using technology and innovation."

Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or via our contact form. We are looking forward to have a conversation with you.