Scientific Writing Skills


Content Description:

This seminar will help PhD students and advanced master students understand and effectively manage the intricate details and potential pitfalls associated with scientific writing for international top journals.

Qualification Objectives:

After participating in this course, students should be able to:

  • Know how to write a publishable paper especially regarding title, structure, story etc.
  • Understand ethical issues such as plagiarism including self-plagiarism
  • Use building blocks of vocabulary, e.g. for creative sentence beginnings, conclusions, arguments etc.
  • Embed qualitative data (interview quotes, observations, etc.) in the text, argue and present the results in a convincing way
  • Understand the main reasons why journals reject articles


  • Each participant must be able to bring a working-paper or thesis chapter, written in English, to the subject
  • Each participant should have a genuine interest in pursuing an academic career
  • Having an obsessive attention to detail is of strong advantage


  1. Contribution to in-class discussions: 10%
  2. Manuscript reviews (written assessment, approx. 4000 words): 40%
  3. In-class presentation (15 minutes): 50%