Default Effects – How Do Personalized Starting Solutions Affect Product Configuration?

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Especially due to ever increasing technological possibilities, the application possibilities and areas for product configurators for mass customization are increasing. The manufacturer has to decide with which presetting the configuration process should begin for the customer. So-called default options can influence our behavior when deciding between different product attributes. If, for example, an option is preset in a product configurator, this option is selected more frequently than if no preselection was made. Research on these default effects shows conditions that favour or diminish the strength of this effect. A question relevant to research and practice in this context is to investigate the influence of a default in the form of a personalized starting solution on the strength of the default effect. For such a personalization, the starting solution is tailored to the customer's needs by querying the his or her preferences at the beginning of the configuration process. In the context of the master thesis, the influence of a (supposed) personalization of a starting solution on the attitude and behavior of customers will be examined quantitatively and empirically.

Keywords: mass customiziation; default effect; product configurator