"We only have one earth” – Success factors of startups with sustainable business models in times of climate change and social inequality

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Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftswissenschaften für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler
Bachelor; Master


Our humanity is facing the biggest challenges of its time. Environmental and social problems such as climate change or social inequality bring significant challenges but also opportunities for founders with sustainable business models.

We will get to the bottom of these founders and startups by examining success factors on an individual level as well as from a company perspective. Numerous phenomena can be explored in a thesis e.g., personality characteristics of sustainable founders, trade-off decisions, resource-conserving behavior, innovations in products/services and business models.

What is in it for you?
- The freedom to choose your own research focus
- Close supervision and individual coaching
- Insights into in-depth research on the topic and contacts in the startup scene

Keywords: Startups, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Climate Change, Social Inequality, Sustainable Business Models