Looking beyond sustainability towards Regenerative Business

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Does your organization still handle the sustainability trend or do you proactively look beyond towards regeneration? Regenerative business looks beyond sustainability towards a net-positive impact. Net positive is defined as the contribution to human wellbeing and environmental targets. This notion has its roots urban planning and building environment - Regenerative sustainability. Transferred to business, scholar in this field is flourishing and show the importance for organizations to look towards Regenerative business. Regenerative business improves and thrives the health of the social-ecological system. Organizations need to understand and include the resilience of the wider social-ecological system in which the firm is embedded. Objective of the thesis is to examine the current status of research on Regenerative Business (literature review) complemented with first interviews with firms (managers): How is and can Regenerative Business integrated in firm’s business?

Keywords: Regenerative business, Beyond sustainability, Net positive impact