Disruptive Innovation & Visionary Leadership – Corporate strategies to respond to disruption by new market entrants and to become a disruptor themselves

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Disruptive technologies (AI, Blockchain, 3D Printing, Quantum Computing, etc.) are considered as key technologies of the future, have the potential to displace existing business models and also contribute to the challenges of the 21st century (e.g. climate crisis). Incumbent firms are faced with the challenge of competing with new, high-tech startups by adapting disruptive technologies themselves, while at the same time keeping their core business profitable. In annual reports as well as in CEO’s communication, buzzwords about disruptive technologies can be found more frequently. But is this kind of disruptive communication actually followed by real disruptive innovation or is it all just a means to an end?

We shed light on “Response Strategies” and their success as a reaction to new disruptive technologies. Numerous phenomena can be explored in a thesis both in the context of literature and empirical work, e.g.: Influence of CEO characteristics or external effects on the implementation of disruptive technologies, financial performance after implementation, impression management concerning stock market analysts, etc.

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• Individual topic identification in the area of disruptive innovation
• Close supervision, individual coaching, fast processing
• Insights into in-depth research on the topic & contact to the startup and VC scene

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Keywords: Disruption, Disruptive Innovation, Corporate Strategy, Visionary Leadership, Vision Communication, Impression Management, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, S&P 500 firms