Diversity in new venture teams - benefits and challenges

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Teams are at the core of most startups! Following this notion, it is important to better understand how varying team compositions influence key outcomes of entrepreneurship such as venture/team performance, conflict levels, and so on.
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to work on the broad topic of diversity and to summarize the status quo of academia along different characteristics (age, educational background, etc.).

The focus of the bachelor thesis can be detailed out together. Possible examples:
• What different diversity types exist and what are respective challenges?
• Are there differences between different types of teams (top management teams, new venture teams, organizational teams, etc.)
• How does team diversity influence the success of the team and the startup? Does the influence vary across characteristics (age, educational background, etc.)

What's in it for you?
• Deep understanding of the status quo of diversity research and respective challenges
• Independent determination of the specific research focus
• Close supervision and individual coaching

Ideally January 2022

Literature for initial reading:
- Klotz et al. (2014): New Venture Teams: A Review of the Literature and Roadmap for Future Research
- De Mol et al. (2020): Entrepreneurial passion diversity in new venture teams: An empirical examination of short- and long-term performance implications
- Triana et al. (2021): The Relationship Between Team Deep-Level Diversity and Team Performance: A Meta-Analysis of the Main Effect, Moderators, and Mediating Mechanisms

Keywords: Startups, Diversity, New Venture Teams, Entrepreneurship