Developing sustainable business models for the hospital of the future

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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance, but also the vulnerability, of healthcare. Digitalization can be a decisive factor in relieving the burden on hospitals. To promote digitalization, the German government passed the Hospital Future Act in 2020. In this context, a total funding amount of 4.3 billion euros is made available.
The goal of hospital digitalization is clear: The focus should be on people in the future. This includes improving the quality of treatment for patients and easing the burden on the medical staff. In addition, the hospital should no longer be limited to the physical boundaries of the building. A cooperative network, e.g. with pre- and aftercare facilities, should enable data to be exchanged more easily and patients to receive holistic care.
However, although the goal is clearly defined, widespread implementation is complex. This requires sustainable business models that focus on specific value propositions, cost structures, and monetization options. In addition, attractive target groups must be identified, and the necessary resources and partners must be highlighted.
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