Psychology of Entrepreneurs

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Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftswissenschaften für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler
Bachelor; Master


Along the entrepreneurial process of ideation, founding and financing a company up to scaling and exiting, entrepreneurs are facing a variety of challenges. These challenges can be of a small to large nature and can have distinct psychological consequences for entrepreneurs, such as the fear of failure. Recent research has shown that many entrepreneurs experience a regular fear of failure.

The aim of this thesis is a systematic literature review in which the current state of research on the "fear of failure" among entrepreneurs is being analyzed. In doing so, the phenomenon of "fear of failure" itself as well as its drivers and outcomes shall be examined.

Optionally, the systematic literature review can be supplemented by empirical analyses by providing existing data by the supervisor.

What’s in it for you?
- Insights into the psychology of entrepreneurs
- Get to know success factors and risks for the entrepreneurial process
- Continuous personal mentoring and coaching

Keywords: Entrepreneurial psychology, entrepreneurial challenges, success factors and risks, systematic literature review, entrepreneurship