Business Angel Impact Investing - Which Human and Social Capital Characteristics are typical for private Impact Investors?

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Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftswissenschaften für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler
Bachelor; Master


Rahmen der Arbeit: Impact investing is becoming more and more the focus of
the startup scene. Sustainable, social business ideas are not only playing an
increasingly important role at large conferences and in the media. Start-up
ideas with an impact focus are also becoming more and more relevant for
early to late-stage investors, since both regulation and social change are
opening up markets that were not relevant 10 years ago. Business angels are
usually the first investors to support young, innovative ideas. So-called
high-net-worth individuals have several motivations for financing startups.
One reason, among other things, is to promote impact-driven innovations of
the future and thus save the planet or contribute more to social peace.

Ziel der Arbeit: Pointing out the characteristics (human and social capital) of
impact investors (business angels), as well as a categorization of these
characteristics and possibly an evaluation with regard to success.

Research Fragen:
1. What characteristics characterize investors with an impact focus?
2. How can these be clustered?
3. How can the influence of these characteristics on the success of the
investor be measured?

Keywords: Impact Investing, Business Angels